Media kit and brand logo usage

Logo Media Kit Banner

Download the brand logo media kit
Our media kit contains our brand logo in a variety of sizes of file formats.

Logo colors

Color Name CMYK RGB Hex
Logo Media Kit Color Dot Red Logo Red 0, 98, 83, 15 206, 30, 47 CE1E2F
Logo Media Kit Color Dot Grn Logo Green 100, 0, 81, 46 0, 107, 67 006B43
Logo Media Kit Color Blk Logo Black 00 0 100 0 0 0 000000
Logo Media Kit Color Dot Wht Logo White 0 0 0 0 255 255 255 FFFFFF

Logo usage guidelines
When using the Electric Motor Shop logo, keep these things in mind:
1. Always leave generous space around the logo so it’s never cramped.
2. Maintain the original aspect ratio and do not distort the logo.
3. Use the correct size so it’s not ‘pixelated’ or ‘blurry’.

The Electric Motor Shop logo colors cannot be changed or altered for any reason.


Media Kit Thumb Flyer

Flyer RBG

Media Kit Thumb LineCard

Line Card RBG

Media Kit Thumb 247 Flyer

24/7 Emergency Flyer RBG