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Warehouse & Commercial Buildings

We know how important a proper electrical and lighting system is for running a smooth and safe operation. Our professional technicians can bring the latest and most beneficial long-lasting solutions to your warehouses, commercial buildings, and parking lots.

Offering a full line of branded products for installation and 24-hour service can help improve your bottom line by drastically decreasing electricity and maintenance costs. Such products and services include long-lasting LED lighting, climate controls, sensors, motor repairs, fan balancing, sensors, wiring devices and more.

Our Warehouse & Commercial Buildings Products & Services Include
● LED and Lighting Controls for Office, Warehouse and Parking Lot
● LED Lighting Conversion Design and Install
● Motors, Drives and Gearboxes
● Robotics and Machine Vision
● Starters, Sensors and Controls
● Electrical Services for Upgrades, Installation and Troubleshooting
● 24-Hour Emergency Services
● Machine Safety
● Onsite Services
● Wireless Sensors for Data Collection and Monitoring