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Cold Storage Solutions

Cold Storage is key to the health and safety of countless operations and services. Whether you’re prolonging the shelf life of food items or preserving life-saving pharmaceuticals and chemicals, maintaining precise cold storage temperatures is a top priority in many industries.

As you look for turnkey design-builds or upgrade solutions for aging equipment, we provide a full line of industrial electrical supplies in Automation, Power, Motor and MRO Supplies.

Our Cold Storage Products & Services Include

  • Design and Build Electrical Systems
  • Expansion and Upgrade Solutions
  • Switchgear and Panel Boards
  • 12KV and 480V Service, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • VFD Drives and Motor Sales and Repairs
  • Soft start, Variable Speed Electrical Drives and Controls
  • Automation from Remote Control and Monitoring
  • LED Lighting
  • Factory Automation
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service