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Agriculture Solutions

Known as the breadbasket of the world, the San Joaquin Valley is without a doubt one of the most agriculturally productive regions on Earth. However, we know this accolade doesn’t come without its challenges (and increasing costs) – especially when it comes to industry demands like water management, energy consumption, documentation, harvesting, packing and labor.

As you look for the best and most affordable solutions to demands like water restrictions, we can provide immediate access to the best pumps with automated controls. With us, you don’t have to worry about production supplies. We make sure to have inventory on-hand and support services available, as needed.

We also understand the importance of maintaining control and monitoring your automated systems that directly affect water, fertilizer regulation and ultimately your crops. Whether we’re working together on finding irrigation and automation solutions, or installing lighting and security systems for your operation, we take pride in partnering with farmers as they work hard to feed our families here at home and around the world.

Our Agriculture Products & Services Include

  • Irrigation Solutions
  • Drives and Motors Sales and Service
  • Remote Monitoring and Controls
  • Automation Solutions for Labor Reduction
  • Switchgear and Power Transmission Solutions
  • LED Area and Security Lighting
  • Wireless Sensors