Turck M12 Connector Keeps Contaminants Out with a Snap!

Turck M12 Connector Keeps Contaminants Out with a Snap

Turck M12 Connectivity eurofast® Connectors, Receptacles & Cordsets

Safe and reliable communication between machines and systems is critical. To ensure industrial communication is not put at risk in tough environments, Turck has improved its M12 offering with a game-changing redesign.

A proprietary torque sleeve ensures installation is faster and more secure. Simply turn the built-in sleeve until you hear or feel it click into place. This family of solutions is also highly resistant to disconnection. All product variants meet high IP and NEMA ratings.

Turck M12 connectivity solutions are widely used in factory automation, including automotive and mobile equipment manufacturing. They are also ideal for applications where robots are used to help ensure reliable communication to a PLC or to the Cloud.

There are many companies that sell an M12 connector in a circular housing.

Why consider M12 connectivity solutions from Turck?


  • Easier installation: NEW *patented torque sleeve* eases install of every single cordset; provides tactile feedback once nominal torque achieved.
  • Improved ingress protection: ALL redesigned M12 connectivity meet IEC 60529 IP67, IP68, IP69 & NEMA 1, 2, 4, 6P, & 12 ratings & DIN 40050 IP69K. From washdown applications to exposure to oil, Turck’s M12 solutions are certified to withstand the environment.
  • Ready to Ship & Reduced Cost: consolidation of components and changes in manufacturing allows Turck to be more cost competitive than ever. Wide range of variants are AVAILABLE and ready to ship.

Patented Torque Sleeve Makes Installation Easier & More Secure

How to Install the M12 Torque Sleeve

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